Whistleblower Channel - VERT Capital

This channel is available to report information relating to suspected fraud or compliance violations, such as conflicts of interest, misconduct, harassment, others. The analysis of the content of the complaints is performed exclusively by VERT's Compliance department and anonymity is guaranteed to the whistleblower.

The information provided will be treated in strict confidentiality and only shared for proper identification and analysis of the case.

Even ensuring anonymity, VERT encourages its employees and any other whistleblower to identify themselves during the process, as it believes in the independence and guarantee of non-retaliation, in addition to allowing the whistleblower to be heard and/or consulted for a better understanding of the case or, if applicable, to complement the information provided to the investigation be initiated.

The information provided may provide for the initiation of internal investigations, as well as investigations by public authorities and the appropriate police and judicial measures.

Other ways to report:
E-mail: escuta@vert-capital.com
Correspondence 11th floor - 2365, Cardeal Arcoverde Street, Pinheiros - São Paulo/SP